Forced Bi Sluts Who Are Forced To Eat Cum

Not all forced cum eaters have to eat their own cum, they can also be sluts who are forced to eat another man’s cum. I forced a lot of men to suck cock and clean up the aftermath, or to be forced bi cuckold sluts and eat the creampie out of the hotwife. Either way, forced cum eating is a very fun subject that I love to talk about and make men do for me. Have you ever eaten another man’s cum? Was it forced cum eating, or did you really want to eat his cum because you are a cum loving slut? Or, did you pretend to be forced, but really wanted to eat it because you are a closet faggot?

I think it is funny when I get a call from a closet faggot, or closet cum eater. I can tell by the tone of the voice that he really wants some cock and cum. I say cock AND cum, because the two go hand in hand, you can’t really have the cock without getting the cum at the end. Anyways, I can usually tell when a slut is trying to be all shy and shit about wanting the cock, or pretending that he doesn’t want it when in all actuality he is fucking bursting with desire. The voice is cracky, the talk is jittered and the taste of cock is on his mind. It usually doesn’t take long for the slut to admit to me that he wants to be forced to suck cock, but it is quite funny that he is usually the one telling me in detail exactly how he is going to suck a big fat dick and swallow the cum like a dirty little slut. Closet faggots just try to pretend to be in denial about wanting cock because they are embarrassed to be such cum guzzling sluts. It is okay closet fag, I’ll help you admit that you are nothing more than a forced cum eating whore.

What about guys who didn’t know how much they wanted cum until I made them realize it? Those guys are quite funny. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of forced intoxication in order to get a slut to take a taste of his own semen, but the outcome is always the same. A score for the cum slut. At first he may be timid and a bit afraid to try that precum, and then, when he tries it…yummy he says and wants more, and begs to stroke for to get that precum. I will make a slut do this for quite some time, until I feel that he got to taste a sufficient amount of his pre-cum and is ready for the real deal. And then, if I even let him cum at all (sometimes I like to make him wait a few days) I will have him explode and eat up his semen in whatever manner I suggest. It is really quite humiliating for the slut and oh, so beautiful to me, especially when I get to watch on webcam! So, get those webcams out, pick up the phone and grab your cock, it’s cum eating time!

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5 comments to Forced Bi Sluts Who Are Forced To Eat Cum

  • Tony

    That post was really hot. It made me hard and I came in my mouth as you’ve trained me to do. I can’t wait for you to force me to eat another man’s come.

  • tenten

    oh,i really want to eat cum,i want to eat any men’s cum.i want to beg him,suck cock and enjoy’s so hot,delicious and …..i don’t know… i want to be forced to suck cock,i want to be fucked in mouth hard and hard,extreme,he can piss in my mouth and deep throat,i will drink all and in the end,shots cum deepthroat me,i will swallow all,clean his cock with my tounge,lick his ass,his ball,down and thank him

  • Bob Anderson

    I cannot believe I found this site; I have fantasized for ages about being forced to eat load after load of cum!! I like the taste of my own, so I would love to have you turn me into a cum slut!!


    I often taste my own precum as i masturbate. I told my girlfreind that after she preforms oral sex on me i want her to keep it in her mouth and kiss me, letting it all go into my mouth. Last time she gave me a hand job, she made me eat my cum off her fingers. I told her i wanted to before, but as soon as i came i didn’t want to anymore. She made me anyway because i said i wanted to. She just started spreading it on my lips and then forced her finger in my mouth.

  • P Tucker

    I can’t imagine doing this. The very thought of it is nauseating. Yet I told my wife that I would have no hard limits. I can only hope this isn’t one of her desires. I was the Dom originally then a well know wiccan high priestess suggested that I encourage her into the femdom lifestyle to bring out the Goddess in her as a part of her priestess training. She was slow taking to it at first and for a long time I was still the Dom; ordering her to grasp the role without trepidation or timidness because it was her sacred duty to the Coven. She has yet to claim her right to fuck other me, but after reading this I’m not so sure that I should be looking forward to it. Do you think that forcing me to eat his cum from her pussy or licking his cock clean is something she might desire? I was told that being her Dom for so long might inspire her to go to extremes to squash the Dom out of me once and for all.

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